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Thursday, March 20, 2014

3-D Color Columns

I got the idea for this from the Deep Space Sparkle webpage... if you have not ever visited it, the page is a great resource for art teachers...

I did these with my Advanced Art 8th graders
I had them come up with a color plan first. 
I wanted the colors to have some explanation or order, rhyme or reason. 
Hopefully you will be able to tell :)
It is an assignment that would be done after teaching value scales, op art, 
contour line, & shape vs. form.
Indy 8th grade
Ashton 8th grade
Lily 8th grade
Todd 8th grade
Angel 8th grade
Trieu 8th grade
Alexis 8th grade
Brandon 8th grade
Ty 8th grade
Shanna 8th grade
Hugo 8th grade
Jake 8th grade
Taylor 8th grade
Brooke 8th grade
Corbin 8th grade