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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Matisse Inspired Lessons

December 31, 1869- November 5, 1954
I began this unit on Matisse by showing the video "Dropping in on Matisse", then reading the book "Drawing with Scissors". I read on more on my own the book "Matisse from A to Z". I am totally hooked on Matisse for some reason. So, I decided to try three lesson inspired by the artist this year. 

The first one is...

(worksheet below created by Tabitha Seaton)

(This is a new lesson I will be doing soon, examples coming soon...)
Haley A. 8th grade
Kimberley R. 7th grade
Angel S. 8th grade

Autumn B. 8th grade
Rosie, 7th grade
Chloe, 6th grade
Aracely, 7th grade
Alexis A., 7th grade

Emily A.  7th grade
Hailey j. 6th grade

Matisse was always bringing the outside in. He loved to work indoors, but look outside. He was like a goldfish in a bowl, a spectator always looking out but being protected from the elements. 
So, he brought the light into his work by opening up all the windows. He always enjoyed using colors that "sing" since he was a Fauve (Wild Beast in English). 

So, we are going to create a window that brings the outside into us. 
Lets use the same wild colors that Matisse uses. They don't have to make sense. 
Trees can be pink and purple, the sky can be green! The crazier the better. 
Choose colors like a wild beast! Matisse would love it...

Mrs. Seaton's Windows

1. Have the kids make an "X" on their paper with the corners of the "X" meeting the corners of the paper. The center of the "X" becomes the Vanishing Point. Let them know that the vanishing point is always on the horizon line of the landscape that they will create later. 
2. Make an opening for the window by creating a rectangle. All corners of the rectangle must match up with the lines of the "X". Each corner of the window will rest on the "X". (use a ruler)
3. Create a sill under the window to put objects on. These objects can be something important to the artist to share with us their personality. Matisse usually put goldfish, plants, or flowers on his tables. I put my daily devotional book, my prayer shawl, my Chai Tea and my cat.
Kids can put a football, their favorite book, or their phone in the sill.
4. Make a patterned curtain (Matisse loved wild prints) or use the vanishing point
 to create shutters or lines on the ceiling. 
*I will count points for this or bonus (depending on level of grade). 
5. Draw a landscape of choice. Matisse usually showed a sunny, hot place by the sea (his favorite). 
I drew a hiking path at the Nature Preserve. 
Students can draw their favorite vacation spot, their front yard, or downtown city streets.
Draw Draw Draw, be creative...
Matisse thought that art was not meant to look like a photograph. So, don't mimic realistic nature, draw what is in your imagination.  

6. Now color crazy! Go pick the brightest colors you can find! Find the crayons, markers, and colored pencils that sing the loudest and use those for your picture.  
(above in colored pencils by Tabitha Seaton)
(above in Acrylic Paint by Tabitha Seaton)
(above in crayon by Tabitha Seaton)

 Mrs. Seaton's Student's Windows
These are older examples that we painted. After we were done we hung them in the halls above the lockers to give a view into our artistic imaginations... 

Matisse created the idea of paper cut outs when he was old and restricted to a wheelchair or in his bed. He was unable to stand for long periods of time and do all the usual art from his younger days. Although his body was tired, his imagination and creative spirit was UNSTOPPABLE! He was not going to quit. Sometimes it is out hardest time that makes our art it's finest. Art is medicine to the soul! It keeps your heart alive when your body is dying... So, he got scissors and cut organic and geometric shapes from painted paper and arranged them harmoniously. He called this "drawing with scissors".
His place was a mess, filled with scraps of painted paper everywhere. 

Mrs. Seaton's Examples
I did this paper cut out when my first daughter Maisy was very small. 
It shows the joy of a new mother as her girls grows.

I did this paper cut out after I had gone through a spiritual transformation
 to a Christian retreat in 2008.

I made these 2 above between 2009&2011

student examples from Mrs. Seaton's class
Spring 2014
Sheila, 7th grade 

Breanna M., 7th grade

Annalee, 7th grade

Autumn, 7th grade
Alison, 6th grade
Ashley O., 7th grade

Ricardo, 8th grade

Daniel, 6th grade

Shae W., 6th grade

Jocei, 6th grade

Hailey j., 6th grade

Kaitlyn pickle, 6th grade

Anjel, 6th grade

Allen, 6th grade

Madison, 6th grade

Josh h., 6th grade

Lauren Speights, 7th grade

Rachel Drennon, 7th grade

Lauren Speights, 7th grade

Kimberley Ramos, 7th grade

RaylanTave, 8th grade

Caleb teeters, 7th grade

Lauren Speights, 7th grade

Kaylynn Payne, 7th grade

Jose, 7th grade

Grant, 8th grade

Maria S., 7th grade

Omar, 7th grade

Jonathan, 7th grade