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Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Dreams... His plans! for Lost Sock

The Lost Sock is so important to me... My book, the philosophy, the dolls... All of it! It was and idea that was handed to me by God. I don't take credit for it. I just feel so blessed that he chose to use me to communicate His love in a way so unique. He gave me the idea for the book one sleepless night...
                                                                      (Explained here...)

These two pages are from an autobiographical comic I created years ago,
but never finished...
it is an illustration of my Spiritual Testimony

After much hard work, i finally finished what God had assigned me to do.
I learned so much from it, and in the process learned a lot about my relationship with my Creator.
Every picture was drawn in communication with my Creator. As I worked I felt so connected to Him in such a special way that I will never forget. 

I went through a lot of things since I made the book. I struggle with what God wants me to do with it from here. The worldy part of me wants to get rich and famous from it all, but in the end... It is not His plan. 
For one example, see past blog...

I want to follow Him every step of this Lost Sock adventure. I know He wants me to use it to reach others and communicate His love more clearly. I cannot gain glory from the project since it is not my idea. 

So, when I pray for His plan for me... I KNOW the LostSock (dolls, book, and all) is his Legacy He wants me to leave. I know He will use it in a BIG way... but when and how? I pray not for my dreams to come true (because they are self seeking), 
but for Him to reveal His desires for me and change my dreams to fit His will.

I am really excited about a new opportunity He is giving me on July 24th...
I got blessed with the chance to read my Lost Sock book to kids who attend reading hour at 
Alba Library! They will introduce my dolls and have a free doll and book giveaway for the kids!
It may be a seem like a small step, but a sure step He is giving me!
Life is sweet when you trust Jesus... 
if we do not follow His lead, we are following our own.
That is a little scary. We are just lost children who pridefully think we know what we are doing.
Without taking hold of our Father's hand, we can be pulled anywhere and spiritually kidnapped!
I know the more I do that, the more mistakes I end up making.
Eventually I just call out for my Father again and he rescues me and fixes all my mistakes for me.
I have realized that I cannot trust myself or other people around me... nobody can be trusted. 
Thankfully, I have a Father that will never leave me.
I only leave Him foolishly when my head gets to full of pride, or I doubt His all-knowing wisdom, or close my ears to His voice.
I know He has great plans for me... and my book, my dolls, my blog,... and my dreams!

Maisy and Me...

My sweet hub Shannon
took these photos of Me and my daughter with the book and dolls.
Super Talented man.

I have been busy making more dolls for the Alba LIbrary
One Lucky kid will win a doll and a book if they attend the reading!

Be sure to come and read with us!
July 24th at 10am at Alba Library...

to see more dolls, go to

Monday, July 2, 2012

Balloons of Freedom...

1 Peter 5:7
"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

Little girl stands in a patch of dirt, 
no longer imprisoned by her hurt. 
She labeled all she can feel
and is trusting Him to heal.
She put them in capsules that fly
releasing every single lie
that made her heart sink.
With one final blink
she mumbles a prayer
as her sins float to the air...
"Dear Lord, I give you all these things.
Now, will you give my heart wings?
I trust you now as I let go.
Please, take my faith and make it grow!".

Art and Poem by Tabitha Seaton

This idea was inspired by
Victoria Osteen's words...
I saw her on TV talking about how she takes all the bad things she feels, all her anxieties and imagines them like balloons. Then she lets them all go.


If this inspired you,,, 
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