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I began teaching art at Mineola Middle School in 2004 along side my huband, Shannon Seaton (Mineola ISD's One and only drama teacher!). I loved teaching this age because of the unique stage in life, somewhere caught in the middle of still being a kid and turning into a young adult. Some students came up to my belly button while others looked a few inches down at me. It's a fun spot to be. I have loved art since my early years. 2nd grade is where I truly found my calling as I was encouraged by my favorite teacher, Mrs. Raines at Ross Elementary.
Read my post about her here...

As I got older, I never really considered being a teacher, because I was too in love with being the art student! But as time came I went to college and was a little lost. I knew I LOVED art, but beyond that I did not know my abilities. A trip to the counselor's office my freshman year at San Jacinto Community College changed that. I took a career and aptitudes test and discovered I would make a great teacher.
I honestly did not think I was strong enough to do that, but kept it in consideration.
I met my husband in an art class at Sam Houston State University. He was studying to be a drama teacher and sparked my interest to go the teaching route. Years later, we married and taught together in the same school for 10 years! It was a great blessing and full of memories. The Summer of 2013 my husband, Shannon Seaton passed of unexpected heart failure. I decided to pull through and  teach another year without him by my side and Mineola. Although, I did love my school and my students, I needed a change. After the year was completed, I felt a pull to move closer to my hometown of Houston and change my teaching situation. This was very hard, but I knew that it was what God wanted after I got a job teaching K-5 at Krahn Elementary. The job was a blessing. The transition was difficult after teaching 6-8the grade for a decade, but I am growing with my Krahn Cardinals everyday and plan to stay as long as they will keep me.

Please visit my TeachersPayTeachers page.
I have tons of art teacher posters perfect for your classroom.

Summer of 2015, I got married! Yay for Second Chance at LOVE!
I am now Mrs. Tabitha Morgan

I have done a lot of lessons that have been a flop! I never did them again. Or, I just revamped them into something new. Here are some of my tried and true assignments that I love the best!


Also, if you are anything like me, you will get a kick out of my 
Art Wall of Wisdom...
Every art teacher must see


  1. Hello! I just absoluetly LOVE your blog!!! I'm an art teacher also and Christian so we have a lot in common! I so happy to have found your blog, I'm just building mine so I'm kind of rusty at this. Any tips or helpwould be very appreciated!

  2. Oh WOw! Thank you so much. Well, I have been teaching for 10 years and take a lot of pictures of the kids' work. Having all these pictures helps me in so many ways. It helps to have a collection of the best of the best from over the years to post online to inspire others. I also take advantage of the fact that not only to I teach artists, but I am one myself. SO, I love to design all my own blogbuttons, illustrations, and all that stuff.
    I do have another blog that is more personal.
    I have 2 now because I had a bunch of stuff on the blog you look at that was not at all teaching art and it just seemed out of place. SO, I decided to just start another one about life, fashion, faith, and family. I would love you to look at that one as well. I just kinda redid it and made new buttons and designs. Hope you have fun with your blog. Take it slow and easy. Let me know if I can help you anymore.
    In HIm,

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  4. I'd love to get a copy of your plans. Your link to your site doesn't seem to work. How can I get copies of your plans. Your students' work is awesome.

  5. I'm wondering if you still host the summer art share fair? I'd love to come...I teach overseas but will be in Texas in the summer. :)

  6. I love your art posters! Do you have any to sell as a download? Maybe in Teachers Pay Teachers?
    thank you!

  7. I love your continuous line landscape lesson. It is simply amazing. What type of rubric did you use to grade the students? Like the above teacher asked are you registered on teachers Pay Teachers? Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I taught this continual line landscape years ago for middle school. I just based the grade on understanding, neatness, creativity, completeness and use of one line. I finally got a TPT store! Yay!! It is here. Thank you for your support. Have a great year.
      The Lost Sock Art Teacher on Teachers Pay Teachers


    2. Awesome! Thank you so much! Same to you!

  8. Love your blog! How do you plan your units?

  9. We are happy to have found your blog. We have been doing daily drawings while we have been in quarantine and have gotten several ideas from your blog. My favorite was the bubbles. Thank you!

  10. Hello Tabitha. I'm writing to ask permission to use your "How to Draw a 3-D Box" instructions for my middle school students to reference. They are creating from home (Covid time) and I'm asking them to draw a box with something coming out of it that they would send to a friend or relative. Thanks for all of the inspiring content and words of truth that you share from Christ! -Kathy

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