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Monday, October 17, 2016

Optical Illusion American Flag


see MIddle School version here...
Have you even watch a furling flag closely?
did you see the straight stripes bend forward and back?
Did you see the white stripes get dark and they decent? 
Watch here and pay close attention...

Jasper Johns

Keith Haring

THese artist show the flag as flat in their paintings. 
We want to use the flag as an optical illusion in our classroom. 
We want to give the illusion to the eye that are flag is furling. 
Image Credit to...

Image Credit to...

In order to create this illusion, we must use CONTOUR LINE (bend our lines)
 in the flag and use VALUE. 

Mrs. Garcia's 4th grade

Mrs. Meleski's 4th grade

Kenut, Abby & Kai
Mrs. Rylander's 4th grade
Elloise & kayla
Elijah, Adrian, 
Brittney, Sofia, 
Michael & Katie. 
Mrs. Parker's 5th grade
Devyn, Ashlynn, 
Greg, Victor, 
Leanne & Faith

Mrs. Garcia's 4th grade class
(Kenut's picture at table from Meleski)

Draw 4 vertical lines on paper that get closer together (but not touching) on paper. 

Draw curved lines in every other vertical column. 

Turn paper other way to make lines contouring in opposing direction. Make sure they match up with opposing lines, touching ends. 

Leave the corner open for stars. 

Dra a bent contour guideline to draw stars on the open space of flag. 
Mrs. Rylander's 4th grade
Kayla shading... (Above)
Elijah & Michael shading...
Color with the contour. 
Color softly with red crayon. 
Bend your coloring with the bend of the line. 
Add shadows by pressing harder close to the bertical lines with the red crayon. 
Use the blue crayon lightly along the white stripe's vertical line to show shadow. 
-alternative color using grey or black. 
Color behind stars hard with blue.


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    1. Hey Lin, I am working on putting the LOst SOck on Amazon! YAY!I already downloaded it but it take s70 hours to get approved. So, when it finally gets on there you can download it as an Ebook. Does that sound ok? I was thinking about you while I put it on. I know that God wants you to read it to show you something. I hope... I will get back with you when It gets on for sure. Keep in touch. God Bless

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