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Monday, October 24, 2016

Fox's Snowy Sunset

Alternative Arora Borealis Sky
Mrs. Craig's 2nd grade
NeVaeh, Payton, Caiden, Khloe, 
Hazel, Taylor, Ashton & Kais. 
Mrs. Celestine's 3rd grade
Mrs. May's 3rd grade
Mrs. Russell's 3rd grade

Erin, Musa, Sam, Shelby, 
Trent, Sophia, Ambroelle & Isaiah
Mrs. Bluhm's 1st grade

Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade
Bryan, Josue, Madelyn, 
Zayan, Jan & Alicia

Mrs. Do's 2nd grade
Andrea, Robert, johnathan,
Daniel, Katelyn & Ava. 
Mrs. Hudeck's 1st grade
LaDarius (moved, so I pieced his together), 
Fredy, Zac, Kylie, 
Victoria, lily & Zowie. 
Great video for young kids to learn about fox. Perfect to show while getting supplies handed out.
Fold paper at 1/3 down. 

Leaving the 1/3 white, paint top section in horizontal strokes using sunset colors.
Yellow, orange, pink, red, purple & blue (starting yellow at horizon)

On a piece of orange construction paper, draw a fox with pencil. Outline with mArker. Add color, highlights and shadows. 

Cut out fix, glue down onto snow under sunset. Add a blue shadow beneath fox. 
Alternative Crayon Resist
With Northern Lights

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