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Monday, October 17, 2016


Use a mirror or magazine image as reference to draw eye. 

Know the different parts of the eye; 
Pupil, iris, tear duct, lashes, 
-draw an ellipse (football) shape 
Bring the inside corner out and down slightly to create the tear duct. 

Draw the black ring that makes the iris of the eye. It is a full circle, but the top and bottom are normally hidden beneath the lid. 

Draw the pupil in the center of the iris. 
Add a shape that sits on the iris and pupil simotaneously to represent a glare if light. Leave this white, but color the pupil in black. 

Draw the rim of the bottom lid beneath the bottom of the eye (very thin). Draw small lashes coming from the lash line. 

-Divide the eye's iris into 6 sections. 
Divide the background into 6 sections. 
-In the eye, color solid in rainbow order; 
Red, orange, yellow, 
green, blue & purple. 
Outside the eye, doodle in rainbow order. 

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