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Thursday, September 14, 2017

I'M Possible Banner

Our school theme here at Krahn Elementary is 
"I'M Possible!"
We are going to create a banner that uses the contrast of color against 
black ad white. The colored pieces will stand out as the words in the banner. 

These are some of the pieces before the banner was put together. 
Cream of the Crop here...

Gonzolez's Class-5th grade
Maisy, Austyn, Brittney,
Muhammad, Jacob, Manuel,
Isabella, Kenut, Kambry,
Israel, Heila & Danitza

 Maddox's class -5th grade
Hailey, Jasmine, Saniyah,
Maci, Julia, David,
Aundres, Dalton & Bryan

Mrs. Meleski- 4th grade
Hailey, r.c., Shelby,
Grant, Addison, Angaline,
Jamilah, Jayden & Kelci.

Mrs. Thomas- Kindergarten
Alyssa, Caleb, Shelby & Tatum

Mrs. Burke's Class- 3rd grade
Kenneth, Nicholas,
 Maddison, Peyton,
Tunis & molly.

This Banner is from 2014-2015
You can see how when the colored pieces sit against the black and white pieces
the words begin to appear. 

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