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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Skeleton Leaf

Mrs. Warren's 1st grade class

Good videos to watch explaining the parts of a leaf. 


You will need one 9 by 12 white paper and one colored paper.
you will need one 9 by 6 alternate color paper.

Cut a rectangle with rounded corners from the smaller piece of colored paper.
Do NOT destroy the middle. It will be used.
I had to fold the paper then cut to make it symmetrical.

 Glue the middle down on one side of larger alternative colored paper.
Glue the outside frame from middle to the other side of larger paper.
(see above)

study shapes of leaves
pick a shape to draw onto paper.
If you want them symmetrical, fold paper in half and draw only half of leaf. 
Then cut out and open to draw veins.
get this at www.ColorPagesForMom.com

Draw a big leaf on folded paper with pencil.
Outline with black marker.
Cut from paper when folded to create 2 leafs.
Add vein lines coming from the center line going upward away from stem.
The veins grown away from the stem and out towards tips.
Some leave patters can be more complicated than others. 
Main Veins tend to be THICKER.
while all others stemming from them get skinnier. 

When leaves are completed, begin decorating the frames. 
I used a marker or crayons one shade darker than my paper to add shadow, outline and design. 




The first time I glued my leaves down BEFORE decorating my frames. 
This was a little harder, but still worked out in the end. 
------See Below----
Glue down leaf onto construction paper.
Add detail around edges with black marker.

Add crayon shadow around the leaf with a darker shade of the construction paper.
Add simple detail around the leaf.


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