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Monday, April 6, 2015

Elementary Self Portaits

Kinder portraits
"U" can draw U...
 2nd graders (below)

Idea from here... 
Optional kinder full body
Draw yourself from head to toe...

Use color around yourself...

Keep adding color all around yourself till you cannot go anymore. 

Idea from here... 

And here... 

1st and 2nd gradeFull Body Self Portraits
Ideas from here...

Monochromatic Self Portraits- 
Use a mirror to pencil draw the basic shapes of your face. 
Choose 1 color in multiple mediums to draw and color your self-potrait. 

I outlined in green marker to give it a bold definition. 

I shaded in green crayon to add softer areas of vie in the shady areas of my face.. 

When all the colored Portaits are put together, it will make a rainbow!

Chuck Close self portraits 
Idea from www.frecklephoto.com
Draw a half face portrait...

See more here.

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  1. Köszönöm! Gyönyörű munkák. Holnap én is rajz órát tartok! Anna