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Monday, April 13, 2015

Hot Dog

Mrs. Penn's kinder 2016
Malik, Annie, Alex & anonymous. 

Mrs. Mara's 1st grade 
Jamie, jake, no name, no name 2, no name 3 & Daniela 
Mrs. Ayer's kinder clAss
Ashlynn, Emma, no name & Kyla 
Mrs. Sharpton's kinder class
Unidentified, Meredith, Payton, 
Mia, Addison & Chau
Mrs. Zarella's kinder class
Maddison, Scarlett, Carter, 
Andrea, James & Jon 
Mrs. Simbles' first grade class
Rahmah, Laila, Brendan, 
Callie, Musa, Ashton, 
justice & Adam. 
Mrs. Parker's 1st grade class
Miya, Emma, Patrick, 
Lauren, Caleb & Ria.
Mrs. Kolon's kinder class
Ava & Luis
Mrs. Bluhm's first grade class
Gavin, Sarah (middle top), no name (middle bottom) & Roman
This project uses dogs as the subject and color as the lesson. 
Warm colors are used for the dogs (red, orange, yellow, peach& pink). 
Cool colors are used for the backround (green, blue & violet). 
Markers (above)
Tempera cakes on watercolor paper (below)
Draw the dog lightly with pencil. When done... Trace over final lines with a black crayon. 
Use paint cakes to add color to your hot dog with pink, red, orange and yellow. 

Then use cool colors to paint the bachround.

Practice with dogs...
Chau in kinder (below)

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