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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Loopy line Fish

Finished Teacher Example
By Tabitha Seaton
Student examples from
Mrs. Bosquez's 5th grade class
Samara (above)
Alyssa & jaden (above)
Daniel, javion, Hayden & Kylie
Step by Step instructions
1. Start both a line of loops from edge to edge of paper. Make loops BIG! 

* helpful tip; a more random loop looks better than a perfectly straight loopy line. 
2. Find the point where the loop line joins... On the outside of that joint make a curved line for the fish tail. 
3. At the top of the loop, make a fin. At the bottom, make another fun. Inside the loop make a side fun. At the round part of the loop make a face. Continue on all loops. 
4. Add more detail to fish. 
5. Finish all fish. 
6. Add details to background (bubbles, sand, plants...
Color if desired... 

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