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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fish Bowl Still Life

Krahn Elemetary 2016/17

Mrs. Ayers Kindergarten
Maddy, Mia, Nicole and Diego

Mrs. Warren's 1st grade
Melik, Leila, 
Skylar & Decimus

Mrs. White's 1st grade
Kayleigh, Kana, Kyra & Saamiya

 Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade
Maddie, Alicia, Jan
Chloe, Josue ad Brian

Krahn Elementary 2014/15

Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade (below)
Trent & Jocelyn (above)
Vanshikha, angel & hailey (above)
Sam, Eliza & Madi (above)
Mrs. Smee's 1st grade class (below)
Colin, Zaine & Emily (above)
Delton, Erin & Sophie (above)
Julian, Zeke & Reggie (above)
Logan, Isabel & Melanie (above)
Mrs. Parker's 1st grade
Emma, Lauren, Ria, Miya & Andrew 
Mrs. Kolon's kinder class
Gabriella, Kais, Alyssa, Landon, Ava & anonymous artist
Mrs. Sharpton's kinder class
Ciara, Chau, Peyton & Payton 
Mrs. Zarella's KinderArt
Hazel, Scarlett, Maddison, Andrea, Alexis & anonymous boy 😉
Mrs. Simble's 1st grade class
Lauren, no name, Sophia & Dylan

Prepare the shape of the tank. 
Fold paper in half to make symmetrical
Add highlights around glass with white crayon. 
Create bumpy line for gravel.
Draw a wavy line at the top of tank for water line. 
Draw in creative plant life. Make bubbles come up from plants. 
Use other colorful crayons to brighten up tank ...
Glue tank Onto bigger paper. Make top and bottom two different colors. The top represents the wall & the bottom represents the table top surface. 
Add pattern to background. 
Use a separate paper for a fish. Cut out and glue down.
Make bubbles coming from fish mouth. 
Be creative...
Have fun with bold colored outlines...

Inspire others...

Madelynn & mommy (team work)

Maisy, 7 years old (above)

Olivia, 9 years old (above)

Incorporate children's literature 😃
I showed the class the story of the Rainbow Fish

Instead of paper for the fish, we drew them on tin foil with permanent markers.
This is beautiful!
Warning: You do have to have more patience though. The tin foil is delicate and hard to cut. It could give very small cuts to the children as well. Need to warn them about that before starting. Also, the sharpie maker will rub off if handled to much during cutting. It may need to be retouched after gluing.

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