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Monday, December 1, 2014

SideWayz SnowMan

Casey, 2nd grade
Mrs. Wildt's Class
Our School is celebrating Literacy by
using the Snowmen series books to have a fun day or winter excitement before we leave for the break. This includes making art!
We are making SNOWMEN!

Mrs. Johnson's 2nd grade class
Maisy, Evan, Dylan, Gavin, Israel & Andre
Mrs. wildt's 2nd grade

Camron, Casey, Gavin, Kate, Callie, Ryan, Maci, CJ

Casey close-up
Mrs. Warne's 2nd grade class

Zobia, unknown, Kendrick, Kyara
Mrs. Jamison's class

Michael, Michelle, Kayleigh, Caleb, Zooey & Rachel.

Mrs. White's class

Channing, Bryce, mark, Paola, mikaela & olivia

Mrs. fortner's 2nd grade class
Unidentified, adrian, Emma, Brianna, jasmine & Adeline. 


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