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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Snow globes

Mrs. Do's 4th grade class

Mrs. Johnson's 4th grade

Alyssa, mason, Joshua & Michael 

Mrs. Craig's 3rd grade class


Begin by choosing Dark blue, Light Blue, or purple paper.
Fold in half.
Trace a circle with the bottom on the fold.
Outline with a black marker.
Outline inside of the black marker very hard with a while crayon.
Use light blue, dark blue, white, possibly pink or purple to make a variation of hard and soft contour lines around the globe getting softer towards the inside of the globe.
Leave the middle of the globe fully empty of any glares.

Needs; construction paper (mostly blues), circle tracers, crayons (mostly whites and blues), yellow or black painted toilet paper rolls (alternative can be rolled up construction paper), black markers, glue. 

I loved doing these little 3D globes, but wanted to get more detail in the scenery. So, I decided to do some larger ones that are flat to the paper....

Mrs. Marks with 4th grade class
Working hard... 

Jimmy working...

Tray working...

Hard Work Pays Off!!....

Kai 4th grade

Kenut 4th grade

Trace circle, add highlights and shades onto outer parts of globe. Draw in snowy hills and various landscape ideas (snoen, cottages, trees, nativity, nature). Ciu out globe. Cut our curbed stand from black paper. Glue down onto background paper. 

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