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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Line landscapes


Mrs. Ayers, Mrs. Fortner and Mrs. Thomas's class
Anonymous, Lismary, (Ayers)
Mystery, Frankie, Jclron?,
Cason, Romania (Fortner) & Ithiel (Thomas).
Eli, Kimbers, London, (Mrs. Baylor)
Brooklyn, Isabel, Bentley, (Mrs. Baylor)
Caesar & Jordan (Mrs. Wycopen)
Vivian from Wycopen's Kinder

First Grade 

Mrs. Hudeck's class
Avery, Hudson,
Greyson, Giovanni,
Connor & Anonymous

Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade
Tristen, Jeremy, (vertical)
Michelle, Taylor,
Toby, Aidan,
Anonymous & Madelynn

Mrs. WHite's 1st grade class
Hazel, hunter,
Marvin, Jeremiah,
Ava & Elizabeth

Mrs. Bluhm's 1st grade
Diego, Fernanda,
GMyTon? & Addison

This is a random idea I had for teaching landscapes to elementary art kids...
I use my daughter as my "Guiney pig". 

We first talked about all the different kinds of lines. 
This song about lines by Scratch Garden is a great introduction to the lesson


The artist, Valeriane Leblone, is a landscape artist that has great visuals for this project. 
(to see her, do a Google Image search for "Valeriane Leblod Landscapes")
Image result for valeriane leblond landscapes
I started by telling her to draw a fat fluffy line across the top of the page with bumps going upward. Then another below going downward... 
I just started giving line instructions by improv. It was fun to see what my mind could come up with! 
 Horizontal Landscape lines define the space...
Detail and texture lines add interest to the space.

When I was done giving instruction of lines, I tried to get MAisy to tell me what she thought it was a picture of... 
She did pretty good. Coloring will later make it more easy to communicate the ideas. 

Add emphasis by using Sharpie over the pencil lines...
Done with line by line step by step....

An alternative cityscape

Tabitha's stARTing to color...

Finished piece by Maisy (7 yrs.)

Finished piece by Tabitha (34 yrs.)

Painting between the lines...

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