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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Overlap Cat

Ins"purrr"action by artist Dani Hasse
I like this picture because of it's simplicity, repetition, overlapping, and humor.
I will take this example and

Use it as a launch to teach kids about overlapping in order to show illusion of depth.
I will give simple examples of how to draw cat torso and faces. 

What you see below is just what I have prepared on my own as a teacher.
When I do this with my students (k-5th grade),
 I will then post those example of the children's artwork.

Pencil drawing

Show them
That by marker outline, you can emphasize the design and make it stand out. 

Show kids how variety of patterns and colors can make the cats more interesting and unique. They can use colors that are unusual and unnatural. 


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