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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Falling Emojis

- 12 by 18 construction paper (medium to light color value)
-Smaller construction paper or scraps in a different color than background piece
-white small paper
-black marker
-white crayon or colored pencil
-black crayon or colored pencil
This part could be done with pencil first, or if confident enough black marker can be used first. If pencil first, outline with marker afterwards. 
Beginning in 4 corners, draw 5 curved lines following each other's contour.
Next to & I between the first curved lines, begin drawing more in groups of three or four...
Continue drawing curved lines in open spots getting smaller and closer together with each layer...
Continue until page is filled. 

Use a black crayon on overlapped curves. Use a white colored pencil on the furthest edge of curve. 

May need to first Explain how shadows appear when overlapping occurs. Whatever is underneath gets a shadow. 
Draw three circles on smaller colored paper & three groups of touching circles in 3 various sizes. 
Cut out circles.group by size. 
Glue down smallest circle in the middle area of curves where it visually receds the furthest back. Glue down the largest circle close to edge of paper. Glue down the medium circle in between the 2 circles. 
Glue eyes on circles according to size. Use marker to draw pupils, mouth, and optional arms. 
My first grader did it....

Inspired by Op Art Dinosaurs from


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