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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Atmospheric Perspective

This famous "Blue Hills" picture that is on almost every computer picture folder.
This is perfect for showing to explain how atmospheric perspective works. 
As space recedes, value usually decreaces. 
This can be more prominent in foggy, snowy, or rainy weather.

Gravity Falls uses a lot of atmospheric perspective tricks to make the scenery appear to be full of space...

I show "The Brave Little Toaster" before I begin my cartooning unit with my studetns, 
it has multiple images using this technique as well, including the opening credits.
This is one of my examples for teaching the lesson on how to achieve Atmospheric Perspective. 
I have the students pencil draw a landscape having the different layers of depth 
(front, middle, back, and also sky).
They then have to choose 1 color only, monochromatic, to use on the entire picture. 
Using a fine colored Sharpie, they trace the front layer in that chosen color and adding details to the front layer only. 
Using an ultra fine colrored Sharpie, they then trace the second later in the same color with less or no detail. 
The back later will stay in pencil only.
Then students use watercolor pencils to add the value variety. 
Shade the sky in lightly with the color chosen, the 3rd layer slightly darker, 2nd later slightly darker, and the front  first later the darkest. After shading with the watercolor pencil, they use a wet brush to go over each later individually. The final step is to use a regular colored pencil to add in some shading onto the front layer only to achieve depth, space, and detail in the front. 

7th and 8th grade

This assignment can be done as well on the Microsoft Paint as an alternative. 
I have done this as a follow up after they were done with the one in the art lab. 

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