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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Visual Perspective ATC (art trading cards)

Teacher Example One (above) and Two  (below)

I love to wrap up the school year with this lesson, reviewing a lot of things I previously taught them throughout the year in one small project. 
I take the Visual perspective technique (Optical Perspective) and write them out on a worksheet with definitions of each technique.
1. overlapping 2. size 3. value 4. position 5. horizon line 6. detail 7. linear
I explain that they have to use each work in a ATC and show it through a picture. I remind them that the picture has to actually show changes based on perspective (near and far). 
For example, on the size card, they cannot draw a dinosour and a mouse standing side by side. 
That does show differences in size, but not specifically anything about perspective. 
THis is a hard concept for them. 
Things have to change in based on the place they are at in space, not just because.
These are the student examples form past years put into collector card sleeves.