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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ancient Pottery designs

This lesson is a good way to teach students about Culture, History, Geography, design, form, and symmetry. 
I used this worksheet created specifically for my classroom to get started...

After we read over this side of the worksheet, 
I show the class a PowerPoint of various Ancient Pottery 
from each culture. 
This gives them a place to find the answers for the back of the sheet below here... 
We do it as a class together. 
(answer page at bottom of Post)

 These pictures below are all 6th grade student examples of the assignment. I lay out a variety of large colored construction paper for them to choose as a base for their piece. Some of the cultures us more symmetrical forms. I encourage the students to fold their paper, draw the 1/2 form, cut around perimeter, and open for a clean symmetrical shape. If the form is not symmetrical, they must free draw the form onto the paper trying to fill up as much space as possible. Then I have the PowerPoint I showed earlier printed out for reference to inspire (but not copy) authentic artwork in their own way.





                                                                     ANSWER SIDE

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