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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hot Fish Cool Sea

Mrs. Clouse/Rivera's 4th grade class 2018

Valery, Jett, Sophia, Miya,
Patch, NoName, Carter & Bradley
 This lesson is perfect for teaching cool and warm colors, complimentary colors, monochromatic colors, space, line, shape and form,
Its perfect for wrapping up the knowledge acquired from the school year all in one lesson.
First practice drawing a variety of fish with light pencil , starting with the basic shape of an oval, circle or ellipse.
Then outline the fish darker with a marker.
I always say...
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 Transfer images onto warm colored paper.
Then, using a cool colored background paper, draw an underwater scene with sand and plants at bottom. OUtine with marker.
 Use a darker shade of crayon to add shading and a white crayon to add highlights.
 This is how it will end up.

 You can use complimentary colors to really make the fish "POP" or be Emphasized on the scene.
You can create the illustion of more fish by folding and cutting fish vertical down middle and glue them on the edges of the paper. This gives e 8 fish instead of four! and adds to the illusion of Space, as though the paper continues past what the viewer sees.

Have Fun!