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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Busy Bees

Student Art
Ayers Bees 
Grant, lisMary, Katie,
Maddison & Jessie.

Baylor Bees
Eli, Kimbers, Rory,
Sophia & Khina.

Wycopen Bees
Vivian & Arian

Wycopen bees
Jordan, William, Alanna,

Thomas's Kinder Class
Shaheer, Jackie, Ben,
Carys, Aria,
Aidon, Ethiopia & McKinley

Mrs. Fortner's KinderGarden class
 Ryleigh, Cameron,
Daniel & Ithiel.

Victoria, Owen, Cason,
Max & Romina.

Great videos for an ART smart start
Use purple, blue, pinks and reds to make a sky back ground. 
THese colors will help the bumble bees stand out. 

I show the class a variety of bee pictures, cartoons and clipart images. I explain that a BEE can be drawn in many different ways. I showed the 2 ways to draw the bee. As an insect, it has three segments. But most drawings are done with one oval or a circle head with an oval body. 

Begin on yellow paper drawing your bees with a pencil. Outline the body with a marker.

Add color to the bee. I used black crayon, orange crayon and white crayon (for the eye reflection).

Draw tall grass blades on the music paper with a crayon. 

Glue down grass blades to bottom of the paper.

Draw in tall flowers with a black crayon. 
Warning- Black marker on top of this tempera paint will destroy the marker!

Add antennas on after bees have been glued down.

Use excess music paper to draw on wings of bees. They are two tear drops next to each other.
Cut out and glue down.

Similar lesson with Butterflies here...

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