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Monday, March 27, 2017

Resistible Rockets

Awesome Fun Video about Outer Space

Example of Rocket in process of Resist. 
Bryan Working 
1st grade, Mrs. McGinley's class

Mrs. Nivison's 2nd grade class painting.

Mrs. Parrish's 2nd grade class
of Alba0Golden Elementary
AJ, Kenzie, Dorthy, 
Aiden, Madison & Ava

from Krahn Elementary 
Burkes's 3rd grade Rockets
Ashton and Landon

Adrian, Jake, Colin, 
Heaven, Joel & Zayd

McGInley 1st grade rockets
Bryan, Maddy & anonymous

Mrs. Penn's Kinder Rockets
Leah, Ava, 
Taylor & Lily G. 

Russell's 3rd grade Rocketships
Trent, Hailey, Sophie, 
Musa, Jazmin & Shelby. 

Polly's Rockets 3rd grade
Martin, Rayleighn, Christopher, 
Addyson, Reggie &!Anonymous. 

Mrs. Do's 2nd grade Rocket Ships
Johnathan, leQuinn, Katelyn, 
Justin K, Kennedy, Ava, 
Andrea, gabby & Leo. 

Celestine's 3rd grade Rocket ships
Anonymous, Angel, Tonie, 
Melanie & christy 

Mrs. Blankeship's 2nd grade rockets
Gemma, Maddison & Cristina

Mrs. May's 3rd grade rockets
Isabel, Shirley,NoName, 
Kacie, Valery & Julian

Zarella's class
No Name, Jeremy, 
Chloe & Julia
Baylor's class
Lillian, Angelina & marvin

Bluhm's 1st grade rockets

Mrs. Ayer's Kinder class

McMillian's 2nd grade

Fortner's Class, KindergARTen

My kindergarten daughter helped me with this one.
I like to see if she can do some of the projects before I begin with my classes.

Use pencil lightly to get started.
I used multiple rocket ship tutorials to use for reference from online.
I then just picked and chose details from those, clipart and real images of rocket ships to make my own kind of rocket.

Crayons are made of wax, which is used as a sealant for many things.
It is used to seal tight the pores in wood so that wet weather does not rot it over time.
So, essentially we are sealing our paper (which is made from trees like wood) in some designated areas to block it from colored water. This protects our details and designs.

The spaceship, planets and stars are what we will use crayons for. We will draw these out with pencil lightly first. I traced my ship with permanent marker just to emphasize it and make it seem closer to the viewer in space. The planets, stars, fire and smoke I did not outline.

A circle stencil can be used to draw the planets on the paper. Then use heavy pressure with the crayons to create a strong water tight seal on the paper. Any exposed paper will be exposed to the paint. Yes, crayons will break. So, break out your old ones for this.

Color in the spaceship, flames and smoke too.

Here is a video to help you see how to put the colored water onto the crayon. 


My kinder daughter,


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