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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunny Snowman

Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade

Mrs. Ayer's kindergarten

Mrs. Hudeck's 1st grade
Detail of Victoria's picture... 

Red/pink is the only color that can go on both top and bottom. 
Green is the only color that cannot be used. 

Art Smart Words:
Overlapping, size, shadow. Cast shadow, Profile, horizontal, Horizon line

Carefully Cut out snowman with hill. 
If you accidentally cut off stick arms, don't cry. You can draw them back on after you glue him down. 
Make a snow storm using a hole puncher and the scrap white. Glue the little white circles to 

Alternative Aurora Borealis
Using crayon resist details for snowflakes, shadows, birds...
First strokes may be too light.. 
Let slightly sit & dry, then reapply. 
Second strokes after drying slightly to make darker...

The details-
Draw in details with crayons. Later the water paint will resist the wax color. So, white Crayon stars and snowflakes will
Remain. You will need to use lots of pressure to ensure the resist. 

Using black, magenta, blue and green, 
Use diagonal, vertical or swirl strokes for the sky. 

The Snowman-

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