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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Borealis Bunny

Mrs. Do's 2nd grade class 


Katelyn, Andrea, 
Lucas & Justin

Painting the Aurora Borealis 
Common colors- 
Green, blue, pink, purple & black

Common patters (though unpredictable)-
Wavy lines, zig zag lines, diverging lines from corner. 
Paint the Northern lit sky using common colors. Choose a pattern from observation of images from research. 
Use black crayon to draw in the silhouettes of trees coming from bottom of page. 

Let the sky dry, 

Use white paper ( half size of background). Draw a snow hill in center or going off one edge of paper. 
Draw one bunny (or more) on the hill, 
Emphasize by outlining with black marker. 
Color bunnies trying to establish a light above by using g a shading color (blue or grey) on lower parts of bunny. 
Cut out bunnies and snow hill and glue onto scene.

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