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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Spiral Sheep

Step by Step practice with 
Shapes & line. 

The Bigger Project
1. Construction Paper & Crayon

Mrs. Oliver's 1st grade class

2. Sharpie, Crayon Resist with Tempera Cakes
Use a large brush to paint the background with tempera cakes.
When you use the watered tempera cakes over the crayon, it will resist the paint and rise above.

Use a smaller brush to fill in the curly spirally wool with various colors.
Be bold ad brave with your colors.
Mrs. Bluhm's 1st graders
Aiden, Alyssa M. & Asher (left side)
Olivia & Thomas (right side)

Eli Halpin's sheep 
Eli is a Texas artist in Austin. She paints western animals using a very unique color and texture ideas. Students discuss her ideas of color variety vs. real life colors in the sheep. 

Mutton Busting
Kids are able to ride on the back of sheep and hold on as tight and long as possible to win a belt buckle! This is modeled after the big boy bull rides at the Texas Livestock Show & Rodeo.