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Monday, September 12, 2016

Bunny Rabbit


Draw bigger and Better on final paper. 
Choose a light color of construction paper. Lightly pencil
In your bunny design. Be creative with foreground (what's in front of bunny) and background (what's behind the bunny). 
Outline the bunny with a color like your paper, but slightly darker. 
Option 1: monochromatic bunny
-Use white to add in highlights. Use lighter or darker versions of the base color in crayons or colored pencils to add details. 
Option 2: patterned background bunny
- draw patterns to emphasize the bunny in neautral color. Color the background with a variety of colors. 
Leave bunny soft, subtle & neautral highlighting with white. 
Mrs. Craig's 2nd grade class
Andre, Tayler, anonymous, Payron

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