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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Voyages in a Hot Air Balloon

Alex, envy & daniel
From Mrs. Mahan's 4th grade
Mrs. Polichnai's 
3rd grade class
Sofia, Jacob & Jeremiah 
The David Fleck
He illustrates voyages over cities using hot air balloons. I am drawn to his use of color on the balloons. He leaves the city in colorless lines to focus on the details of the city. He uses a variety of sizes of balloons to show depth in the space. He makes the horizon low to make the viewer feel high. 

Sweet William
Sweet William's art has a lot in common with Fleck's; Low horizon & selective color. 

The project: using construction paper, make circles in various sizes. Use contour line designs. Outline with black marker. 
On white paper draw clouds in various sizes, but same style. Outline with marker. 
On larger construction paper turned portrait, draw a low horizon cityscape. Outline with marker. 
For all ages 😃
Cut out balloon circles and clouds. Glue above cityscape. Clouds can overlap balloons to add depth. 

Another way of the same idea. 
Using Printed Paper for balloons and white background.

Draw it all on white paper. Permanent marker outline. Watercolor the balloons. 

No scissors ✂️or glue. 
For More Hot Air Balloon lesson ideas, 
See my past unit study for elementary


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