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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Great Wave

Original Painting by Hokusai 
Cute kid friendly video about the life and paintings of Hokusai
Mrs. Clanton's 4th grade class
Andruw, Caesar, 
Mariah, kaylee, 
Tanya's & Megan
Teacher Example 

Get it Drawn

Warm sky
(Red, orange, yellow & pink)
Here I used tempera cakes

Cool Water
(Green, blue & Violet)
Here I used watercolor crayons coloring in the direction of the wave. 

Finish With Water

Great Lesson here from Deep Space Sparkle
another spot for seeing this lesson


  1. What type of watercolor crayons are those? I have looked for some that are affordable for students but never seen school smart brand.. I would love to know about these. I teach art in Memphis, k-5.
    Thank you, Lori

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  3. Those are School Smart watercolor crayons. They were here left from the art teacher before me. They work
    Well but break easily. The kids enjoyed them
    But just have to enforce their fragility. Thank you.