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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rainbow P"art"icles

Mrs. Fillips 2nd grade class
Ilana, Miles, Zaina,
Matt, John,
Alex, Alizay, Aiden Q.,
Litzy, Jacob& Diego
 Daniel and Garrett

Mrs. McMillian's 2nd class
Leila, Kana,
Melik &Samiya

faith, Brooklyn, Priscilla,
Jacqueline, Elizabeth, Aubrey,
Olivia, Bryan &Tobias

Mrs. Do's 2nd grade class

Asher, Michael,
Ginette, lily,
Annie, minghui,
Olivia & Aiden.

Mrs. May's 3rd grade

Mrs. Matthai's 3rd grade
Tam, anonymous, 
Melanie & Austyn
Anonymous, , Zoey, 
Adonis, anonymous, 
Isaac & y. Cooperation 
Mrs. White's 2nd grade class 2016
Alexis, Melanie, 
Hailey, jaelynn, 
Valery, Emma, 
Xavier & Justine
Mrs. Johnson's 2nd grade class

Josh, Anonymous, Shelby, 
Anonymous 2 & Joseph. 
Mrs. Patker's 2nd grade
Emily, Jocelyn, Debora & JoJo
First off I want to say that I am not the creator of this project. THe amazing art teacher Cassie Stephens created it and I fell in love with it. She goes in to way deeper explanination of every step in her blog here...

Getting Started with Forms
Love This SONG!!
Teached the three primary colors in a super cool way. 
Mrs. Craig's 2nd grade
Using watercolor pencils or crayons, make molocules of 2 color in each beaker to fill it up. 
Then use water and paint brush to mix the colors in the beaker. 
Let dry. 
Bubble Background
 Watch my video on how to draw bubbles on dark paper...


With construction paper crayons

Draw circles with a white crayon, colored pencil or pastel.
They can be traced, but it is too messy to trace with pastel.
Add lighter pastel color to show iridescence. 
Make sure you are adding it with curved lines only around the outside of the bubble. 
It will help to view images of real bubbles first. 

Blend each color individually. 
(sorry about my ugly nails, life of an art teacher!)
Put paper towel around your pointer finger and massage one color on each bubble. I started with green (see above). 

When done with all green move finger to a clean part of towel and do next color. 
Each finger spot has its own color so it won't mix.
Cut out the dry beakers and glue down. Your experiment is complete. 

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  1. I love the simplicity of these drawings. While I am not artistic myself, I do like to engage in little creative projects with my daughter and this looks like a wonderful way to spend the afternoon with her and encourage her artistic side. Thank you for providing such easy to follow instructions.

    Hannah Sullivan @ Goarty