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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Yellow Submarine

The lyric video of Yellow Submarine by the Beatles

Mrs. Nivison's Second grade
Left-Hannah, Allyie, Eli
Middle- Katelyn, Maddy
Right- Rylee , Khloe, Taylor 

Goforth's 2nd grade subs 2018

Jocee, Morgan, 
Abigail, Raegan, 
Jerray & Kyler

Ryan from Goforth

Mrs. Oliver's first grade class
Tobias, Samuel, 
Annie, Max, 
John & Trinity.  
Mrs. White's 2nd grade
McKenzie, Patrick, 
Melanie & Emma (below)
Hailey, Alexis, 
Mia & Valery (below)
Joseph, Kayla & Justine 
Mrs. Jamison's 2nd grade
Trent, Arturo, 
Aayan & Daniela

Mrs. Parker's 2nd grade

Debora, Lauren, 
Anna Blaire & Sophie
Mrs. Johnson's 2nd grade

Ria, Erin, 
Reggie & Shelby 
Create a Background

Choose blue, green, purple or black paper to draw an under ocean scene on using markets and construction paper crayons. 

*use pencil first if you are unsure. 
Use markers next to outline. 
Use crayons last to add hints of color. 

Paper can go horizontal or vertical. 
Vertical will allow more space if you want to include the ocean top for your submarine telescope to peek out. 

Mrs. White's 2nd grade working

Draw your submarine.
You may copy my version or be adventurously creative and draw your own. 

Break it Down

Cut and glue in yellow submarine. 
I found it challenging to cut out propeller cleanly, so I decided to outline it boldly with a marker of the same color as background to fatten my cut line...

Examples done by
Madelynn 4 years old & Mrs. Morgan the art instructor
Mrs. Craig's 2nd grade
Janiya, Sophia, Jazayah & heaven 

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