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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I spy RED

Main purpose of this I SPY RED project is to teach Emphasis using Color. 

All above by Tabitha Morgan, teacher
Cat Nap, Maisy 3rd grade
Mrs. Blankenship's 5th grade 
Jimmy, Madison, Lisa, 
Angela, Gabriella, 
Kadin & Abby. 
What's red?
Lips, flowers, ladybugs, cherries, berries, birds, butterflies, balloons, cars, umbrellas, costs, shoes.... 
What's NOT red?! 
1. Draw with pencil something red on red construction paper. 
2. Outline with black marker to emphasize the lines. 
3. Shade dark sides with red colored pencil, crayon or marker. 
4. Highlight light side with white colored pencil, crayon or possibly paint with thin brush, 

*a student asked if they could do more than one object. After discussing the idea that EMPHASIS is about having one thing stand out and grab your attention, we made a decision. Yes you can IF they are the same object multiplied. NO if it is a bunch of random objects that are not unified in the picture. Random takes away from the focus on the ONE important Emphasized Red Object. 

Light Pencil... just in case you mess up.
Black Marker, red shadow...
White highlight. 
Cut out and glue down on neutral board. 

Using only neutrals, black & white for background design.
I used some brown and black markers, brown and white colored pencils.

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