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Friday, February 5, 2016

Life is Scary...

Mrs. Polichnai's 3rd grade
Andrea, Zobia & Sofia
Mrs. Matthai's 3rd grade class
Bryce, Dylan, Zoey, Julia, 
Inshaal, Evan, Cheylah, Tam &
Mrs. Celestine's 3rd grade
Makayla, Charles, 
Joey & Hailey
Mrs. Russell's 3rd grade
Brianna, Michelle, 
Maci & Gianna 
Mrs. May's 3rd grade 2016
MayMay, Adelene, 
Kayla, Kolby, 
Casey & Gavin.
Mrs. Burke's 3rd grade
Ashley, Fisher & Colten

Sophie 2nd grade/ Mrs. Parker

This is like a monster yearbook page! We will be drawing portraits of monsters to show how life without diversity is scary. IT would be scary if we were all the same, right? And not to mention BORING! Yearbook Portraits are of only the shoulders up. We will use our imaginations to create our own monsters in each block of space. 

Begin by folding paper into 4-8 boxes. 
Sketch lightly a different monster in every box. Keep diversity in mind. Each one should be totally different. There's no rules on their parts. Monsters can have one eye just as easily as TEN! 
I showed a short clip of Pixar's Monster's Univrsity to get their creative juices flowing. 

Monster's Inc University Trailer

Brady Bunch Boxes
I also showed them the Brady Bunch intro so they could see how the characters interact with each other from their different box spaces (looking up or down into the next box. 

See here; 
Brady Bunch Theme Song and Beginning

After pencil ideas look good, outline with a black marker to emphasize their shapes and details. 


We will color each monster in a clockwise rainbow order and their backgrounds with the opposing color

BOX 1 RED monster with  GREEN background
BOX 2 ORANGE monster with BLUE background
BOX 3 YELLOW monster with VIOLET/PURPLE background
BOX 4 GREEN monster with RED/PINK background
BOX 5  BLUE monster with lighter ORANGE background
BOX6  VIOLET monster with  YELLOW background

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