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Monday, January 4, 2016

Color Box Name Design

Mrs. Parker's 5th grade class

Mrs. Elijah's 5th grade 
Friday class (below)

Mrs. Maddox's 5th grade 
Tuesday class (below)

Color designs assigned per box; 
Primary- box 1
Secondary- box 2
Complimentary- box 3
Warm- box 4
Cool- box 5
Rainbow- box 6
Alphabet Guide
Chiseled Stone letters

How To Do:
Explanation of how to form the letters...
Using capital letters, neatly and lightly in pencil write letters needed. 

Draw a box around letter and inside of letter has a hole inside. 
Connect the outer points with a "v". 

Connect the inner points with one or two lines. 

Outline with marker to emphasize letter. 
Shading with pencil can be used to give a 3-D formed look.
Blending stump can smooth out pencil lines...
Or alternative grey & black marker

alternative teacher site with same idea
GOod step by step from different perspective

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