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Monday, October 26, 2015

Dino City

If you can't find it in your library... go here.

Mrs. Johnson's 1st grade
Ashton, James, 
AnnaBelle & Anonymous Artist. 
Mrs. McGinley's 1st graders
Issac, Meagan, Christian & Chau

Mrs. Simbles/Groth 1st grade clas
Ellie, Hazel, 
Kaden, Rayan, 
Peyton & Gabriella. 
Mrs. Bluhm's 1st grade

Bryan, Ciara & Maddison
Mrs. Penn's kinder class

No name, Melik, Madison & Landon
Mrs. Baylor's kinder class
Kana, Emily, Trinady & Liam
Mrs. Kolon's kinder class
Asher, Maci, Fredy, Angie 
& Aiden

Mrs. Zarella's kinder class
Samuel, Braxten & Skylar. 

My daughter Madelynn, 4 years old
1. Draw a city...
Start basic shapes with pencil, 
Then trace with marker & add in your details. 

(Ashton above- 1st grade)

2. Draw dinosoars on colored paper
Maci in Mrs. Kolon's kinder class
Asher & Angie in Lolon's class

3. Cut and glue down
You can draw part of dinosoars and glue it Peeking from a section...

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