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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cardinal Art

Since we are the Krahn Elementary cardinals, I thought it would only be appropriate to use our art skills to show our school pride and learn more about our bird. There are two artists that I noticed using these red birds as their subjects, Charley Harper & Strawberry Luna. 
Above- Charley Harper prints
Above- Strawberry Luna's fall Cardinal

I have adapted the subject of cardinals to fit grades K-5 below...

Kindergarten & 1st grade
Single cut Birch Bird

Bluhm's 1st graders
(Sarah, Ally, Reighlyn &jack)

More Bluhm's first grade
(Kattie, Trevor, Monte & roman)

Sophia from Bluhm's class

Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade class
(Myles, angel, Allison, & madi)

More Mrs. McGiley's...
(Vanshika, anonymous Cardinal, hailey, Sam, Jocelyn)

Simble's 1st grade class
(Callie, Musa, Aidan, Sophia, Nathalia)

Mrs. Parker's class
(Caleb, Aayan, Miya, Lauren, Alexis, ria)

Mrs. Smee's first grade 
(Anonymous Cardinal, JoJo, Zeke, Logan)

Mrs. Smee (Melanie & Reggie)

Step by step pictures...

2nd grade
Double Cut Birch Bird

Unknown image from ffffound.com

Maisy, 2nd grade
Mrs. meleski's 3rd grade (below)
Summer, Evy, Devyn & Paul P. 

Mrs. MAy's class 3rd grade (below)
Seth, Albin, Adriana & Sydnie

Step by step pictures...
(They are real "head turners" lol. Sorry😁)

3rd grade
Double drawn Birch Bird
(Head turners again... Sorry)

Step Two

Mrs. Johnson's 2nd grade (below)
Blues: Israel, Gavin, Anonymous & Evan
Multi: Maisy, Colten, Alyah & Dylan 

Mrs. Dickinson's 3rd grade

Below: (Megan, Amanda, Michael, Cadence (above too) Izabella, & Elijaj)

More mrs. Dickinson's
(Erick, Elizabeth, Avee, Anonymous Artist, Sean, & Ava)

Mrs. Craig's 3rd grade Monday class
Kelly, Zamora, Daniel, Whitney, London, & Destiny

Mrs. Fortner's 2nd grade monday class
Ethan, Robbie, Adeline, Anonymous Artist (on green)

More Fortner (below)
Emmi, Brianna, Maci, & Tam

Mrs. Wildt's class 2nd grade
Sean, Christian R., Kate, Gianna

More Wildt...(below)
Callie, Maci, Casey, Riley, 
and Ihshaal (single)

Mrs. Jamison's 2nd grade class 
Michelle, Sebastian, Caleb, Michael c., Zoey, & Abby

Mrs. White's 2nd grade
Michael, Channing, Dona, Isaac

More Mrs. white's class (below)
Malik, Crystel "Gabby", Mikaela, Bryce 

Mrs. Groves (Warne's) 2nd grade class
Kayla, Zobia, fisher, Cheylah, Diego, & Gisele

4th & 5th grade
Mrs. Bosquez's 5th grade
Hayden (below)
Alyssa, jaden, gabby, Isabel (below)
Daniel, samara & Dana (below)
  Mrs. McMillian's class
Ava & kadin

Mrs. Markowitz's 4th grade class (below) 

Mrs. Kearly's 5th grade class (below)

Mrs. Maddox's 5th grade class
Morgan, Emily, Vanessa & Christina 
Katie, Braden, Lydia & Hanna
Mrs. Do's 4th grade class (below)

Mrs. Celestine's class
(Below) Andrew & jayla

Mrs. Johnson's 4th grade

Mrs. Blankenships 5th grade
Olivia, Amy, hailey & anonymous
Aden, Kamy, Sana & Logan

Ahmad, alejandro & ayden 
Black, white & Red all over
Cardinal Doodle 

Waren Barefield's RedBird album cover

Teacher Example, Tabitha Seaton
After tracing pencil with Sharpie and adding details...

After adding shadow with pencil and blending with a q-tip!

5th grade
Cardinal in all Seasons
(Inspired by Strawberry Luna's Cardinal prints)

Other compositions based on other step by step drawing instructions...

How to draw Cardinals; go here

Sub lesson here...

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