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Sunday, December 7, 2014

GingerBread House

Mrs. White's 2nd grade class
Isaac detail
Mrs. Warne's 2nd grade class
(Kayla, N.N., Ashley & Zobia)
Mrs. Fortner's 2nd grade class


Cut out house shape from brown paper. I folded mine in half before I cut to get the outside symmetrical. You could use a pattern for younger students. 

Use crayons to decorate house. Include door, window, trees, or candy. 

Almost completed house.... 

Use crayons (blue & white) to draw snowflakes & wind onto blue paper. 
Glue blue and white paper backgrounds together and house centered on top. 

Adding brown scribble shading around decorative elements, it adds depth to house (for advanced artist). 

Side note; I have a fear of combining glitter with children (lol) but am considering buying sequin circles or glitter glue to add small amounts of pizazz to the art. Stretched out cotton balls could also be added coming out of chimney or onto roof. Have fun ;) 
Merry Christmas.