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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hot Cocoa Mugs

Baby it's COLD outside! Sometimes a heavy coat, scarf, hat, gloves and boots just aren't enough. It time to make a hot cup of cocoa. So, let's make in! 

Pull out the construction paper, crayons, scissors & glue... Maybe some cotton too. 
Mrs. Bluhm's 1st grade
Mrs. Warren's 1st grade class
Lyric, Andrew, Francisco, 
Gunnar, no name 1 & no name 2
Mrs. Groth's 1st grade class
Mrs. McGinley's 1st grade class

Chau, AVa, Isaac & Alyssa
Mrs. Baylor's kinder class

Mrs. Zarella's Tuesday Kinder Class (below)
Mrs. Penn's Wednesday Kinder class
Kyra, Sammi, Traveion, 
Alex, Malik, NoName, 
Decimus, Chloe & Hannah. 
Mrs. Johnson's Tuesday 1st grade
Andrea, Jon, Cris & Alexis 
Mrs. Kolon's kinder class
No name, Angie, lily, 
Aiden, Zaina, Asher, 
Lilyana, Josiah & Maci
How to begin...
Draw a big "U"
Draw a hot dog shape stuck at the top of the Big "U"...
Draw a rainbow at the side of the "u" for the handle...
Draw designs on the cup;
-an animal
Cut out cup. 
Glue a half of s sheet of construction paper at the bottom of a whole sheet. Glue mug down into table top (bottom paper). 
Decorate space around mug to make it look like a warm cozy home. 
Add "steam" with pulled out cotton or drawn in spirals. 
Stay warm 😃

1 small piece of white paper, 2 small construction paper pieces (1for cup, one for wall) & 1 large piece for table. Black marker, scissors, glue & construction paper crayons. 
Fold mug color paper in half (hot dog horizontal). Draw a curved line at top and bottom of first half of paper. This is the top and bottom of mug. Add two curves on right for handle. 
It actually might be easier to draw and comprehend if you show it at this angle first. Looks like a purse ;)
Draw a foreshortened circle at the top of cup and color in like hot cocoa.  I blended brown on the outside with white in the middle. 
Draw designs on cup using curved & contoured lines. Construction paper crayons work best. 
Cut out cup and handle. I ended up cutting them out separately to avoid cutting out the confusion of the negative shape  of the handle. I just re-connected them at glue time. 
Use crayons to draw designs on table and wall. Could draw pictures on wall or even a window with winter scenery ;)
Draw smoke with white crayon. Cut out marshmallow shapes and glue in cocoa opening. 

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