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Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Fox inspired by "Fletcher"

The Lesson...

The book... 

The idea...

Brown rectangle for body 
& smaller brown rectangle for face. 
Draw black lines as above. 
Cut on black lines. 
Large body rectangle should be smoothed off on corners. Legs and arms attached with glue. Manilla smaller triangles inside ears & glued under head. 

Notice how perspective makes trees further away apear lighter. Tree that is close appears darker and more detailed. This is called atmospheric perspective! 

With crayon, Draw the far three trunks with a short line and Vs. Lightly whisp on circular scribbles with crayons. 
The close tree can go off the edge of the paper. Make it dark with few branches and detailed textured bark. 

See how mrs. Tiphanie (the illustrator) makes white swirls of wind thT blow off the leaves? Mimic her and do your own white swirls with crayons. Draw some big leaves flying around in the wind. 

Draw a leaf in Fletcher's hand. He loves to hold tight to a leaf. 

Use watercolor or tempera cakes to fill in spots of the drawing. The crayon will resist the color, so it is ok to go over these details ;)

You are done! So Sign it....
Another Idea!
Take a small piece (12 by 9 inches) of construction paper. fold in quarters.
from top corners draw a line that meets to center point of paper.
This center point will be the nose and right and left triangles are the ears.
Take the 4 corners of the bottom half rectangle and curve them for the body.

 Decorate the face with eyes, nose and maybe texture too.
Decorate the ears with brown on the edges and tan in the middle.
You can add texture to the body if desired too.
 Cut out 4 different parts and glue down onto paper.
If can be pretty much any color. It should be about 12 by 18 in size.
 Take a thick piece of white construction paper and draw about 10 leaves on the paper in pencil.
Using a white crayon, draw a line down center of leaf with "v"s going up the line.
I drew it on one leaf in orange so you can see what I mean.
Use watercolor or tempera cakes to paint in each leafs.
Blending colors will make it fun since Fall leaves are multi-colored.

 Sharpie around and cut our leaves when dry.
 To keep things interesting and fill up space sm"art"ly, you can cut some leaves in half to tuck behind the fox or to make coming out of edge of paper. 1 lead will look like 2! SMART!
 Fletcher is finished!
Fall leaves are "falling" all around him in the breeze.

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