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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hot Day & Cool Night Desert

This lesson will be done with Kindergarten and First Grade.
I started out this lesson with books to look through for comparing night and day desert.
We compared what we thought it was like at both times and why.
The two books above would be great resources if available. I may order them for next year,
 but I just used the ones located in the library with pictures as our reference material.
The previous assignment we worked on was focusing of cool colors only.
See Previous lesson here, the Lily Pad Pond:
So, my kindergarten students knew about that area already.
We also talked about warm colors as we talked about desert.
Andy Warhol's Soup Cans
 are a great example to show the repeated picture using a variety of colors.
I had the student do a step by step pencil line drawing of a simple cactus landscape.
                       I then had them outline the pencil lines with a black Crayola maker.
The talk and the outlined drawing took the first 45 minute period.

I took each line drawing to our awesome ladies at the copy room and had them copy each one onto one cool and one warm piece of paper. When the students showed up the next day we used construction paper crayons for each time of day.
 They will color the cool paper with only cool crayons to mimic a moody night time desert scene. They can add in extra pieces of the drawing with a marker at this time (stars, moon, animals).
Next, they will color the day desert on the warm paper with only warm crayons. They may add day details (sun, clouds, animals). The two pieces will be taped on the back together to appear as one piece of art.
Examples from our students will be coming soon.
Can't Wait!
The original drawing on white paper....

Printed to colored paper....

Get this poster and many more for teaching art here at my TPT store...

Colored with Crayola construction paper crayons...

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