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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Elementary Art Positive Pallettes

After 10 years of teaching Art to grades 6-8, I have begun a new adventure of teaching K-5! I have realized after 4 weeks of teaching, they need "STICKERS!!!!!"
I am not naturally a sticker kinda teacher. But, I'm gonna go ahead and become one for the happiness of my atudents ;)

So, as an art teacher I wanted to theme my positive idea in a creative way... 
Art.... Thinking.... Thinking.... Hmmmm... Paint.... Pallettes.... Colors.... eUREKA! 

Painters want lots of colors to use on their work... Not just the same ones over and over, but variety in the Pallette. If a class gets lots of colors for lots of various behaviors, then the have a happy paintbrush!

Each class has it's own laminated Positive Paint Pallette with their teacher's name in the middle. According to the daily behavior (I only see each class once a week), they get a colored sticker according to behavior; 

Violet- responsible Volume
Blue- beautiful Manners
Green-great Effort (class work)
Yellow- worry about You
Orange- orderly and organized
Red-respect others

Part of Orange (Orderly and Organized) is each table doing their own table jobs at clean up time. This is a big struggle in most classes. When each student at each table worries about their own self and stays orderly... It goes great. It just takes practice ;) and reminders. 

If a class is diligent enough to remain positive, they will get a paintbrush (paper & laminated) for their Pallette. This means they are a Master Class! This will have special privledges attached depending on number of classes achieving Master status. 

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