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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tag Tiles... Leaving your mark!

From the first day of school, all my 6th graders stare up at the art lab ceiling and ask...
"Are we gonna do that?!"
I tell them, 
"If you take art in 8th grade, yes you will!"
So, the patiently wait three years to finally be able to leave their tag/mark in the art room.
This is their final statement of the year. I have them (if they are willing) let me keep them to leave up on the ceiling for the many years to come. I do this project with my 8th graders who made it to the Advanced Art class.

The Plan
I explain to students before they plan that these will be up for everyone to see for many years. I have them carefully think of how they want to leave their mark in the room. I remind them of that first day of 6th grade when they stared up in awe of the ceiling. 
They need to be PROUD of their design.
I start them out on a paper plan that is a rectangle of 2 inches by 4 inches.
The real tile is 2 feet by 4 feet.
So, I have them make their plan the best they can and color it how they want to paint it. 
When they finish, they get 2 feet by 4 feet (with a 6 inch border for paint excess, saves clean-up)
Butcher Paper and project the planned image onto the big Elmo Screen to get it enlarged. 
NOTE: We do not paint directly onto the tiles. Butcher paper is used and eventually stapled to the hard foam type tiles. 
Then they begin to paint... 
Knowing the colors you want helps in preventing excess color mixing and wasting. 


Works in Progress...

Angel, 8th grade
Shanna, 8th grade
Ty, 8th grade
Indy, 8th grade
He chose to Sharpie instead of paint. I give them this option if they feel more comfortable with something else...


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  2. Awesome idea, I'm trying to get permission right now to have my ELA students turn my tiles into book covers. How are you allowed by your fire chief/marshal to have the paper?

  3. Did you use regular bulletin board paper? Did the paper ever start sagging?