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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Art Spoofs, Creative Parody at your school!

Our School mascot is the Mineola Yellow Jackets... GO JACKETS!
I had fun one year practicing drawing our jacket with the kids for a yearbook cover contest. 
Since they got pretty good at drawing Buzz, I decided to continue using him on the next assignment, 
Art Spoofing!
So, I had them choose from 5 famous works of art to use Buzz in them in some creative way. 
I may have had more fun with this than they did... 
Here are all my buzz spoofs that I later donated to the School Office. 
They hung them there and they are a big hit.. or should I say BIG BUZZ!! ha ha ha....

I have a true passion for creating these spoofs and have used them in my own personal art life
with a character I created based on my childhood teddy bear, Mindy. 
These are her spoofs I made for her...

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