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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Art Cow Parade coming to Mineola, Texas!

The cow parade seems to have been everywhere but here... in Mineola, Texas.
So every year, we bring it to our school.
This is a good laid back activity with some punch that i love to do at the end of the year with my students. 
We start by looking at some of the famous art cows created by the professionals.
 Then we find a clip art cow online, shine it up on the overhead, trace the cow onto large book covers that were never used, sharpie outline, and kids go creative from there.  
I let them use markers, crayons, or colored pencils. 
Occasionally, I will have the students glue the cows on the used left over Science Project boards (donated by the Sci. Dept) , glue on dowel rods, and post them in 2 by 4 wood as a sculpture


Art Cows from Port Alegro
The first 4 are Teacher Examples created by Tabitha Seaton

The following are student examples grades 6-8
Crayola Cow by Ashley 7th grade 2012

Davis Cow by Cameron 7th grade 2012

Dray Cow by Drason 7th grade 2012

Shark Cow by Sarah 7th grade 2012

Space Cow by Grant 6th grade 2012

Paisley Cow by Luis 6th grade 2010

Burger Cow by Kelby 8th grade 2010
Cameron Cow 6th grade 2011

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  1. I would love to see about using the Crayola Cow for a school supply roundup. May I have permission to use it? Thanks! You can email me at dozierb@nzisd.org.