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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teaching a Kindergardener to Draw Forms

My 5 year old daughter was sitting around bored last night and told me she wanted to draw with me. She wanted me to draw a picture of a table and chairs. Then she wanted to fill in all the details. As I stared drawing the table, I showed her how to draw the top 3 dimensional. She seemed interested and understood the concept. So, I flipped the paper over to the back and showed her how to draw a cube and a cylinder. I explained a foreshortened circle (squashed circle) to her. I showed her a plate and held it to her face so it was a circle. I slowly moved it to an angle and we talked about what happened to the circle. 
I was really proud of her interest and understanding. 

This is the back of the paper where we practiced drawing cubes and cylinders. I even showed her how to add water to her cups. 

After I added the table and chairs, she added all of the details. 
She made the light and the glasses using foreshortened circles. 
She used a cube to make the flower pot on the floor. She even added a door using overlapping techniques. I was so happy with the results. Being an art teacher definitely doesn't stop at school!
My daughter rocks my socks!

This is an early coloring that she did of one of my drawings (see below). 
This was colored at about three years old.
Usually when she sees me working, she thinks she has to work as well. 
I made her a copy to mine to color. 

Maisy painting in my classroom.

She has take a liking to drawing on our Paint program at home.

She likes to add extra three dimensional elements to her drawings (pom poms, rhinstones). 

She wanted to paint Van Gogh's Sunflowers...

Maisy's Sunflowers

She was inspired by a scrap of fabric in the trash. 
It ended up being Starry Night. 
4 years old.

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  1. Amazing Tabitha! I remember you drawing pretty pictures when we were in school! Your daughter's following in your footsteps!