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Friday, April 13, 2012

Lost Sock Fashion Theory...

TheLostSock is all about taking what was considered worthless and unwanted at one time
and with hope and love, giving it a new purpose and fresh start.
No matter how ugly, out of style, or ragged something is, 
there is some way of using it... is is just in the way we see it. 
God has eyes that see beauty in everything, because everything was created by Him. 
Everything was made for some purpose. Sometimes we lose understanding of what our purpose is, simply because we have lost sight of Him. 

If I relate this concept to fashion, 
then I would go into places where people have dumped and abandoned clothes they 
couldn't wear anymore, shouldn't have ever purchased, or wouldn't be caught dead in
to find a new purpose for them. 

Holes can be stitched, stains can be removed, stink can be cleaned, 
and things can be renewed if you open your eyes to the possibilities. 
I thank my Mom and Dad for giving me the smarts to save money when buying clothes.
My dad refused to buy me Guess Jeans when they were the coolest to all the cool. 
My mom dragged me into "stinky stores" (that's what me and my big sister called them)
to find treasures among the trash.
Back then they seemed to be ruining my life or embarrasing me totally, 
but today I know the truth...
they were the coolest of all the cool!
I was just too blind to see it.

Maisy in Thrifted Japanese tunic, Me in Pink  Cordoroy Jacket,  Genuine Leather Belt,  (all thrifted), and midi skirt, with Minnatonka fringe boots (Christmas Present from supportive hub).

SO, we must put on our rose glasses and go dig in the rumble to 
find newness in what was once old.

Have Fun Thrifting!


  1. I love this idea of taking things that are considered useless and giving them new purpose. Beautiful concept, for fashion and for life :)