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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hair Brain!

Ever since I can remember I have been intrigued by red heads. They are fun and mysterious at the same time and the coolest of all colors in my style book. I loved movies with red headed starlets...
Molly Ringwald from Pretty on Pink
Tami Erin from Pipi Longstocking

Robyn Lively from Teen Witch

Ariel from Little Mermaid...
Cyndi Lauper

Maurene O'Hara from Parent Trap

And my recent obsessions...

One FIne Frenzy

Elsie Flannigan of RedVelvet

SkunkBoy Creatures

So, I love red hair and continually dye mine some form or fashion of it for the last past 10 years. I am getting a little tired of the cut though... and am tempted to throw in more of a variety mixed in with the red. I have had the same hair for too long and it is just not fun anymore. So, i cut my bangs (big mistake!) to do something different... see photo
It was a big miss off the target in my opinion. But I live and learn, right?
SO, what's next... I know, go to
to try on new hair....

Me and my Maisy had fun with the results we got from out hair makeovers on Clairol webpage...
I usually do this when my noodle head wants to do something new with my hair.
Right now I am debating on going long, similar to Skunk Boy Creature girl, or One Fine Frenzy singer.
I haven't had long since high school.

Loving the 4th the best... SIKE!

Maisy is cute with any hair... yes even this last one here... she begged me to delete it! ha ha ha.

So, I am just gonna take it day by day till I figure our my self. I want to grow it out but will have to post SkunkBoy Creature lady on my firidge till I get through the crazy awkward phase of growing out a stacked bob!
Any suggestions or comments welcomed.
Love ya my fans... all 6... if you ever read these...
HELLO?..... echooo!!!

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