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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Soda Can Labels

 From flat design to bottle... 
This lesson is "SO-DA" Bomb!!!
Have fun with bottling up this lesson and using food coloring to make it authentic.
This is what I see every morning when I walk into my classroom! 

I love teaching my middle school about Advertising and Design... In fact this is what I originally wanted to go to college for. But God took my life in another direction... to teach. I never thought I would be a teacher cause I never felt confident or responsible enough. But God gave me what I needed and teaches me everyday a little more about how to deal. I really don't think I would want to do anything else... well, maybe a hairstylist, children's book illustrator, greeting card designer, art shop owner... 
I guess my dreams are more unlimited than I thought, but teaching is where I am supposed to be for now at least. I am really blessed actually... I give all my kids a piece of myself everyday. I share what I love in hopes that I can make them better and give them confidence or at least an appreciation in art.
In our classroom, we have been going over creative lettering and how it leads to creative advertising. I gave them (7th/8th grade) a blank space for a ColaCan label with some rules and they went and showed off their skills. I think I am most proud of them on this assignment than most others this year. They showed me they know how to follow instruction while also being creative. That is the most important part of teaching... to show them the way and then let them go away with it! I am proud of them. To see what they created, click here...

2014 Examples
 Alexis N, 8th grade

Larry, 6th grade

Caitlyn 6th grade

Courtney V. 8th grade

Faith R. 6th grade

Ashton, 8th grade

Shanna, 8th grade

Ty West, 8th grade

Past Year Examples 

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