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Monday, November 4, 2019

Contour Line Bird Cage

Fold paper down middle hot dog. 
Fold the paper a bit from bottom horizontally. 
Fold it again horizontally about 5 inches from the top. 

Measure a ten each line on each horizontal fold, 
making sure the center (5 inches) is on the vertical center fold. 
Mark every 1/2 inch  on each line. 
 Connect the marks going downward with a line to represent the bars on the birdcage.
 Draw a curved line from the top left line to the center line. 
Make curves that go from the top center line to each 1/2 inch mark on the top line. 

 Do the same on both sides. 
 Add a door in the middle and details to make the cage fancy. 
Look on Google Images for "Birdcage Clipart" for ideas. 

Outline all lines with a black marker when done. 

Lightly draw a bird in pencil in the cage behind the bars. 
 Draw another bird doing what you want in or out of the cage.


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